Jan's Poetry Place

Poems Of Hope

Do It Right

Have a strong voice,
Make the right choice,
And you will go far,
You must be true,
See it right through,
And prove who you are.

Know what to say,
In the right way,
Use a little tact,
Have no disguise,
And tell no lies,
Always deal with fact.

Never deceive,
Always believe,
That you’ll do it right,
You know you’re strong,
You can’t go wrong,
You must keep up the fight!

{©2009 Jan Brooks}



You see the good in people,
And never see the bad,
You cheer your friends up,
Encourage them when they’re sad.

You see the best in people,
And never see the flaws,
You support your friends,
And always fight for their cause.

You see the right in people,
And never see the wrong,
You give your friends strength,
Encourage them to stay strong.

You see the love in people,
And never see the hate,
You trust in your friends,
And know it’s never too late…

{©2009 Jan Brooks}


Starting A New Life

Starting a new life,
Letting go of all in my past,
Only memories left,
Of a marriage that didn't last.
Starting a new life,
Moving on now from the old,
And the heartache it brought,
From a man who's love had gone cold.
Starting a new life,
Giving up on all that I knew,
All the insecurities,
Of a man who was deceitful and untrue.
Starting a new life,
Shedding a fake and feeble disguise,
Facing the reality,
And escaping all the unfaithfulness and lies.
Starting a new life,
Finding a freedom I never had,
A new future beckons,
And I'll try to make something good from the bad.
Starting a new life,
Looking forward to a new day,
A different direction,
And hopefully happiness will come my way...

{©2006 Jan Brooks}


Help Others

Be a strong person,
Have courage as well,
Help others,
So much you can tell.

Be a good leader,
Who will lead the way,
Help others,
Let them have their say.

Be an activist,
Stand up for your rights,
Help others,
And fight the good fights!

{©2009 Jan Brooks}



Something beautiful,
Something brightens your day,
Lifts up your mood,
Pushes the clouds away.

Something wonderful,
Something you can’t explain,
Makes you feel good,
Lets hope it will remain.

Something inspiring,
Something just touches you,
Gives you courage,
Helps you to see it through.

{©2009 Jan Brooks}



I feel these changes,
And I have a confession,
Have I beaten it,
That demon they call depression?
Has it left me?
Sometimes I'm not really sure,
But I feel different,
I don't feel down anymore.
Is it temporary?
The truth is I don't know,
But I have hope now,
And hopefully my courage will grow.
I feel more confident,
And I feel stronger inside,
Not so emotional,
And my thoughts I don't have to hide.
Time has proven,
That a broken heart can heal,
The pain can fade,
And happiness I can again feel...

{©2006 Jan Brooks}

One Life

One life,
Is all we have to live,
One life,
We have so much to give.
One life,
It can really take us far,
One life,
To prove who we really are.
One life,
Your strength is put to the test,
One life,
Always strive to do your best.
One life,
So much to learn every day,
One life,
Just don't throw it all away.
One life,
We won't ever experience again,
One life,
Where only memories remain...

{©2005 Jan Brooks}

The Future

Don't live in the past,
Live in the here and now,
Look to the future,
And you will see it all somehow.
Don't think about the past,
Always think about today,
Think of the future,
And you will always find a way.
Don't long for the past,
Long for this day to be great,
Long for the future,
And you know it's never too late!

{©2005 Jan Brooks}

Walking Away

Walking away,
From a painful past,
Letting go,
Of a love that didn't last.
Walking away,
From someone who didn't care,
Letting go,
And realizing it was going nowhere.
Walking away,
From the hurt and heartbreak,
Letting go,
And learning from that mistake.
Walking away,
From years of emotional pain,
Letting go,
And learning to find happiness again...

{©2005 Jan Brooks}


So Much

There is so much,
To be thankful for,
The beauty of life,
All creation and more.
There is so much,
To be grateful for,
The wonder of life,
And what lies in store.
There is so much,
To be hopeful for,
The true strength of life,
And courage galore!

{©2008 Jan Brooks}


Whenever I’m surrounded,
By darkness and doubt inside,
I look for reassurance,
And you are right there by my side.
Whenever I’m engulfed,
By sadness and endless tears,
I search for forgiveness,
And you are there to calm my fears.
Whenever I’m discouraged,
By rejection, hate and lies,
I look for encouragement,
And, yes, it’s all there in your eyes.

{©2008 Jan Brooks}

I’m Here For You

I’m here for you,
To make you smile,
When you’re feeling down,
I’ll go the extra mile.
I’m here for you,
To ease your pain,
And to dry your tears,
When they fall again.
I’m here for you,
When you need me,
Right there by your side,
When you want me to be.
I’m here for you,
Always your friend,
Through good times and bad,
I’ll be there until the end…

{©2007 Jan Brooks}

What It Takes

Love and compassion,
Want and need,
You have what it takes,
To go where it may lead.
Faith and insight,
Knowledge and trust,
You have what it takes,
To believe love is a must.
Strength and courage,
Desire and hope,
You have what it takes,
To find a way to cope…

{©2007 Jan Brooks}



Goodbye to the pain,
Goodbye to the heartache,
Hello to relief,
It was more than we could take.

Goodbye to the stress,
Goodbye to the agony,
Hello to freedom,
It was not how it should be.

Goodbye to the fear,
Goodbye to the doubt too,
Hello to new life,
It was the best feeling, its true!

{©2009 Jan Brooks}

So Positive

You’re so positive,
I don’t know how you could be,
What you’re going through,
Would be a struggle for me.

You’re so positive,
I can’t believe you look strong,
I think you are brave,
When everything has gone wrong.

You’re so positive,
I can hear it in your voice,
Always so upbeat,
You try to make the right choice.

You’re so positive,
I can see it every day,
Always with a smile,
And somehow you find a way…

{©2009 Jan Brooks}



Time heals the wounds,
But always leaves a scar,
It's a reminder,
Of who we really are.

Time helps the pain,
Until it eventually fades away,
Just a dull ache,
Is all that's left every day.

Time heals the heart,
Stops the bleeding deep inside,
It beats again,
And lets us find that lost pride.

Time helps the soul,
Recover from the spiritual pain,
Builds the confidence,
And helps us learn to love again...

{ ©2008 Jan Brooks }

Everyone is a hero,
In some way, it's true,
We all have bad times,
But still, we pull through.
Saving ourselves,
Or saving another soul,
It's what's in our heart,
That determines our role.
A simple "Thank you",
Or maybe a little more,
We make someones day,
And that's what life is for.
Give more than we take,
And help someone in some way,
And that kindness,
Will be returned to us one day...

{©2006 Jan Brooks}

Don’t Stop Believing

Don’t stop believing,
Don’t give up the fight,
You know eventually,
It will turn out alright.

Don’t stop believing,
Don’t let doubt take hold,
You know eventually,
You’ll understand what’s told.

Don’t stop believing,
Don’t let fear rule you,
You know eventually,
It’s the best thing to do.

Don’t stop believing,
Don’t give in to pain,
You know eventually,
You’ll get back up again…

{©2009 Jan Brooks}



We have to face,
In some way,
With hope we will embrace.

We’ll fight,
We won’t give in,
It’s something,
We’re determined to win.

Won’t stop,
Until we do,
Yes, somehow,
We will find a way through!

{©2013 Jan Brooks}



 Your Fears


You can’t always live in fear

You must express what you feel

You must celebrate your courage

Because it helps to keep things real.

You might not always be happy

You might have to shed some tears

But there is no happiness inside you

When you’re consumed by endless fears.

Smile and always try to be happy

And just take each day as you find

Stand tall against your fears

And then quickly leave them behind...


{©2013 Jan Brooks}


 Are You…


Are you strong enough,

To face what lies ahead,

Can you fight the fear,

And the feelings of dread.


Are you tough enough,

To give it all you’ve got,

Can you face the task,

And give it your best shot.


Are you brave enough,

To push through all the pain,

Can you find the strength,

And get back up again…?


{©2013 Jan Brooks}



Poems of Prayer & Praise 

Pray For You
I pray for you,
When you’re feeling low,
I pray that He,
Will make all your pain go.

I pray for you,
When times are quite tough,
I pray that He,
Will provide you enough.

I pray for you,
When things have gone wrong,
I pray that He,
Will again make you strong.

{©2010 Jan Brooks}

I Think Of You

I think of the helpless,
And I pray for their life,
Hope they find a way,
Out of trouble and strife.

I think of the needy,
And I pray for their soul,
To have their needs met,
And to take back control.

I think of the broken,
And I pray for them too,
Those who are in pain,
Yes, people just like you…

{©2010 Jan Brooks}

Never Alone

When I look back at my life,
I see all the things I’ve done wrong,
The heartache and the strife,
I thought I was unbreakable and strong.

How I wish I could turn back time,
Just so I could change things, it’s true,
My life’s been an unspeakable crime,
When all I really needed was you.

I had been to hell and back,
But somehow knew I was never alone,
And when my blue skies turned black,
I still knew I was never on my own.

When I thought all hope was gone,
And I watched as everything fell,
Wondering if I could ever go on,
If it wasn’t for you my Lord, I’d still be in hell…

{©2010 Jan Brooks}

You should pray,
In the morning when you wake,
Praise the Lord,
For a beautiful day break.

You should pray,
In the middle of the day,
Praise the Lord,
For the good that comes your way.

You should pray,
In the evening before bed,
Praise the Lord,
For the faith that has been fed…

{©2010 Jan Brooks}

Open Your Heart

You can worship the Lord,
But you must believe the word,
Open your heart,
And let your voice be heard.

You can pray to the Lord,
But you must mean what you say,
Open your heart,
And believe in the way.

You can just love the Lord,
But you must always be true,
Open your heart,
And let the Lord love you!

{©2010 Jan Brooks}

I Thought I Knew

I thought I knew beauty,
Until the day I saw you,
I thought I knew devotion,
But all others, untrue.

I thought I knew happiness,
Until you showed me the way,
I thought I knew about trust,
But all others, betray.

I thought I knew true faith,
Until you made me believe,
I thought I knew honesty,
But all others, deceive.

I thought I knew hope,
Until my soul, you did save,
I thought I knew patience,
But only you, Lord, forgave!

{©2010 Jan Brooks}