Jan's Poetry Place

Poems Of Tragedy & Loss

A Tragedy

She was driving home alone,
On a cold and rainy night,
The roads were slippery,
Her eyes blinded by every headlight.
She was feeling tired,
Still had a long way to go,
Would she make it on time?
She felt she really didn’t know.
So hard to concentrate,
And it was getting so late,
The roads were busy,
And many other drivers couldn’t wait.
Listening to music,
Her thoughts began to stray,
Then she saw the lights,
A car was coming her way.
The wrong side of the road,
Of that, she was so sure,
It happened so quickly,
She didn’t see any more.
A head on collision,
That she couldn’t avoid,
A horrific smash,
So many lives were destroyed.
Somehow she survived,
But she was in a bad way,
Multiple injuries,
It was touch and go every day.
A family distraught,
But no man there by her side,
Her parent’s heartbreak,
And fears were difficult to hide.
In a coma for weeks,
With trauma to the brain,
Unknown damage done,
She would eventually wake to the pain.
Would she recover?
Would her broken body mend?
Only time would tell,
Everyone knew it was hard to pretend.
An uncertain future,
Shattered bones and flesh heal,
But head injuries,
And brain damage is so real.
She woke from her coma,
After three long weeks lying there,
She didn’t remember,
But slowly she became aware.
Her senses recovered,
And her body slowly healed,
But her brain took time,
Muscle and nerves and so much concealed.
Co ordination lost,
And some would never return,
With rehabilitation,
She had so much to relearn.
But she had the will,
To build up her strength again,
Fight the disabilities,
And eventually conquer the pain.
It’s such a tragedy,
So many lives destroyed in this way,
Some live and some die,
Victims of the road, what else can you say?

{©2007 Jan Brooks}


The Road Toll

Tangled wrecks,
A horrible mess,
So much heartbreak,
Agony and stress.
Broken bodies,
And damaged brains,
Bloodied flesh,
Never ending pains.
Shattered lives,
And mangled cars,
Hospital stays,
And permanent scars.
Needless deaths,
And injuries too,
The toll is too hight,
But what can we do?

{©2007 Jan Brooks}

Lives Are Lost

Lives are lost,
In traumatic ways,
It’s never fair,
But somebody always pays.
Lives are lost,
Long before their time,
It’s never fair,
And it’s a terrible crime.
Lives are lost,
And we’re left to grieve,
It’s never fair,
And always hard to believe.
Lives are lost,
And futures are too,
It’s never fair,
But there’s nothing we can do…

{©2007 Jan Brooks}


A Young Life

A young life lost,
And a mother's broken heart,
The consequences,
Of a life that was torn apart.
A young life ended,
By the cold cruel hand of fate,
No one could save her,
They tried but it was all too late.
A young life over,
Before it had a chance to grow,
But she lost direction,
Now the future's something she'll never know.
A young life taken,
From a desperate mothers love,
An impressionable mind,
She tried to reach that glittery star above.
A young life destroyed,
Her hopes were set way too high,
Dreams unattainable,
Nothing went right and she didn't know why.
A young life gone now,
She left believing they didn't care,
So lost and confused,
But in her mothers heart, she'll always be there...

{©2005 Jan Brooks}


So Lost

She was confused,
And lost her way,
Feeling depressed,
Was easy to stray.
She was foolish,
Thought it was fun,
But it went wrong,
The pain had begun.
She was so young,
And immature,
The party life,
Was a tempting lure.
She drank too much,
And tried drugs too,
But didn’t like,
What they made her do.
She didn’t care,
About the strife,
She got into,
Destroying her life.
She didn’t know,
What she could do,
To escape this,
Life of pain she knew.
She needed help,
But scared to ask,
Admitting it,
Was a difficult task.
She’s a lost soul,
Can she be found?
Saved from herself,
Lifted up from the ground?...

{©2008 Jan Brooks}


Just Another Girl

She took many drugs,
And they messed with her head,
Destroyed her life,
Would she eventually end up dead?
That's no way to live,
But she was fooled by them all,
Not smart enough,
To see she was heading for a fall.
She thought it was fun,
Until it got out of control,
Taken over,
She slowly sank into a deep black hole.
She was addicted,
She didn't know how to escape,
Weak and helpless,
Often subjected to brutal rape.
So sick and wasted,
Her strength slipping away,
Her mind so numb,
Nothing coherent left to say.
Too late to be helped,
Denied she needed it anyway,
In way too deep,
Always struggling to survive every day.
Just another girl,
Just another junkie on the street,
Who cares about,
Someone with a habit they couldn't defeat?
That fateful day came,
When they found her body lying there,
Her life over,
But in the end, did anyone really care?

{©2006 Jan Brooks}


We Never Knew

Such a waste,
But what could we do?
A life was lost,
And we never knew.

No one knew,
That she was in pain,
She didn’t say,
Or ever explain.

Can’t explain,
How it made us feel,
But her death,
Was ever so real.

All so real,
The loss of someone,
So tragic,
The pain is not done.

It’s not done,
It never quite ends,
We never,
Get over lost friends.

These friends,
Sometimes lose their way,
They retreat,
And why, they won’t say.

They won’t say,
That their pain was deep,
We don’t know,
The secrets they keep.

She can’t keep,
Us from our grieving,
No one knew,
She planned on leaving.

Her leaving,
A shock to us all,
Just so sad,
That she took the fall.

Took the fall,
When things were so bad,
She forgot,
About friends she had.

Friends she had,
Who could have been there,
If they’d known,
Because they did care.

We did care,
But she never knew,
Now she’s gone,
And part of us died too…

{©2009 Jan Brooks}



It’s a battle,
We shouldn’t have to fight,
It’s just not fair,
And we know it’s not right.

It’s a heartbreak,
We shouldn’t have to know,
It’s horrible,
And it will always show.

It’s a struggle,
We shouldn’t have to face,
It’s so shocking,
And we will lose the race…

{©2009 Jan Brooks}

I Realize…

I sit here thinking,
What could I possibly do?
But I realize,
It was too late to help you.

I sit here hurting,
What could I possibly feel?
But I realize,
The pain you felt was real.

I sit here crying,
What could I possibly say?
But I realize,
Why it had to end this way…

{©2009 Jan Brooks}


How Do You?

How do you face,
Learning the price you’ll pay,
A diagnosis,
Where you don’t have any say.

How do you face,
Knowing you have no choice,
There’s no second chance,
And no one has any voice.

How do you face,
Knowing you will be gone,
Nothing you can do,
How will your family go on?

How do you face,
The fact that you will die,
Without a future,
You will always question why…

{©2009 Jan Brooks}

This Disease

Shocked to hear what you were told,
This disease had taken hold.
The doctors revealed the cost,
Your choices in life were lost.
You fought so hard and so long,
But you weren’t all that strong.
You held on for as long as you could,
But you had to let go, as you should.
Your life is fading away,
In the end, you had no say.
You said goodbye to your last breath,
As you were welcomed into death…

{©2009 Jan Brooks}